Our Expertise

A firm specialized in family law

Leader in the field, Cabinet BOURSICAN has unrivalled experience across all matters of domestic and international family law: separation, divorce, termination of civil and common-law unions (PACS), matrimonial regimes, residence of children, setting and reassessment of alimony, family property law…

Cabinet BOURSICAN is the legal partner of a French and international clientele, which it assists in selecting the best process options whether, consensual solutions when possible or litigation actions when necessary.

Over time, the firm has also developed an unrivalled expertise in private international law, in order to advise its clients on complex issues arising from increasingly numerous international disputes.

Our lawyers also draw on their specialist knowledge acquired through extensive litigation experience in labor law, commercial law, and intellectual property/press law, which are governed in the same spirit of:

  • Responsiveness
  • Pragmatism of solutions
  • Teamwork
  • Availability
  • Anticipation of needs

Our work is entirely focused on finding the best solution to suit each client, which is why we assign a team composed of a partner and an associate to each case, teamwork being an integral part of our work and our firm. This guarantees perfect knowledge of each case and complete availability to help our clients find creative and engaged solutions for their specific needs.

By the will of its founder, Cabinet BOURSICAN has offered its clients a wide range of expertise since its inception, guiding its clients with integrity and compassion, thus forging close ties with its clients and allowing the firm to look to the future.

Family law

Everyday Cabinet BOURSICAN is dedicated to guiding its clients through all problems arising from family matters.

Indeed, for over 20 years, Jérôme BOURSICAN, has devoted himself to this field, alternating each day between meetings with colleagues and hearings before Family Judges all throughout France, and particularly in the Paris region, just as his partner.

Thanks to this experience, Cabinet BOURSICAN is able to offer unrivalled expertise to assist its clients daily and reach final settlements for their separations (divorce and liquidation of complex matrimonial regimes).

Family crisis situations requiring swift responses, the partners and associates of the firm offer constant availability and rapid assistance to their clients, spouses and parents.

International law

Cabinet BOURSICAN also offers exceptional legal expertise in private international family law, a field in which Maître Claire MASETTY has a postgraduate degree. She regularly assists clients in situations involving several countries, if one or both parties is a foreign national or is living in another country, such as French expatriates living abroad or foreigners living in France.

The firm also intervenes in difficult situations of international child abduction.

Finally, as part of its expertise in private international family law, the firm also advises on complex issues arising between international couples who wish to draw up pre and post martial agreements.

Inheritance and guardianship

Cabinet BOURSICAN also developed an unparalleled expertise across a full range of domestic and international inheritance and guardianship matters, assisting its clients in resolving often painful and complex financial situations, either amicably or through litigation when necessary.

Thanks to her experience in this field, Elsa COHEN-TANUGI has developed a particular expertise in complex inheritance cases, especially when these involve the notion of abuse of weakness.

The firm also intervenes in matters of guardianship, whether they concern adults or minors.

Criminal law

What sets Cabinet BOURSICAN apart is that its two partners, Jérôme BOURSICAN and Claire MASETTY, are, beyond their expertise in family law, also graduates and actors in criminal law.

Therefore, they also assist their clients in any matter of criminal law, whether it is in the context of complaints, police custody, interrogations or during criminal trials, whether as perpetrator or victim.

Their dual expertise in family law and criminal law has naturally led them to become specialists in family criminal law, particularly with regard to offences related to the enforcement of court orders, such as: the non-representation of children, the non-payment of alimony, or even violence within the family.

Maître BOURSICAN and Maître MASETTY are frequently invited to speak at conferences related to “family law and criminal law”.

Finally, they also assist their clients in matters of general criminal law, in collaboration with Sonia Kemel, whose activity is mainly devoted to the exercise of criminal defense.

Other areas of expertise

Cabinet BOURSICAN has developed skills and expertise in civil and commercial litigation, with a specific emphasis on the following areas:

  • Employment law
  • Copyright law
  • Personal injury law
  • Real Estate Law

As in family law, the lawyers of Cabinet BOURSICAN who intervene in these matters favor dialogue and consensual solutions, while defending the interests of their clients in litigation, whenever necessary.